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"Real Tantra aka Mystic Weavings"

Unveiling the Secrets of Energy and Intuition

  • 1 hour
  • $69

Service Description

Guided by experienced teachers, you will navigate the esoteric teachings of Kashmir Shaivism and Vajrayana Buddhism, gaining insights into the nature of consciousness, the interplay of energy, and the awakening of intuitive faculties. Delve into ancient texts, engage in guided meditations, explore sacred rituals, and embark on transformative exercises to deepen your understanding and experience. Throughout the course, you will witness the profound impact of these teachings on your personal growth and relationships. As you embody the practices, you will discover how they ripple outwards, transforming the way you engage with the world and fostering a greater sense of connection, empathy, and harmony in all your interactions. Unveil the secrets of energy and intuition, and unlock the transformative power that lies within you. Together, let us weave a tapestry of profound insight, empowering practices, and awakened consciousness.

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