Shape | Shapeshifter: Who are you?
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Shapeshifter: Who are you?

We live in this wondrous chaos of the 21st century, aiming for the stars and searching for the future. Boy! Wouldn’t getting there be amazing?! Thing is, we forget our ‘Now’ and focus so hard on the ‘Will be’, because we’re so caught up with rectifying our ‘Back then’. – I’ve always been some-what of a live-in-the-moment, heart-on-sleeve type. Sometimes, not knowing where to draw the line.

Growing up was a badass game I played with my siblings. The Twins, Hyaa (my sister) and Phiroze (my brother) and I, were masters of our own destiny. Our childhood was full of imagination, and our parents, full love life and love. We grew up happy!

I never knew what I wanted to be growing up. “Astronaut” was the word on every kid’s mind and mouth growing up in the 90’s, so astronaut it was (for the time being, at least)!

I was introduced to Fashion quite earlier on, probably when I was seven or eight years old. My father (most epic pilot-man, and the love of my life), would bring back magazines for my mother (craziest, most loveable, childlike lady-person alive) from his flights abroad, and there was an abundance, an over-spillage at times of Italian and French Vogue and other fashion and international magazines around the house.


I was so taken by imagery and editorials at such a young age – it was a world that took over me, and I remember running into the house from school at times, just to go into my little balcony and open up a magazine to stare at what I would soon find out were termed ‘fashion editorials’. Ah! Bliss! – still, this didn’t mean I knew what I wanted to be – just yet!

Today, I am 31, and I know how that played out. My dinosaur years paid off! From sneakily looking into fashion magazines at nude photos (purely fashion editorials from the 90’s fashion magazines, where nudity was never a big whoop!), and getting caught by my grandfather, to never being told that I HAD to be a doctor or a lawyer – I was free to be, and free to choose my ways. Here I am!

Shapeshifter is my baby, and it is a way for me to express the things I want to, without being restricted or restrictive – in content and in voice!

I never knew what I wanted to be till I grew way, way-the-fuck-up! Mental, I know! Look at where we are today! 🙂

Photographs: Rema Chaudhary
Rings: Metallurgy & AnaRae