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Its always exciting to be a part of a feature or a trend forecast or literally just to be shooting for a fashion magazine. I’ve been lucky enough to grace the cover of Digital Grazia, April 2017 —which has probably left that taste of blood in my mouth, wanting more— with full-time fashionistas Santoshi of The Styledge, and one of my oldest friend, Shereen, from LAOB.

Lets come back to Cosmo feature morning: got a mail from Zunaili Malik asking if I’d like to be a part of a trend forecast feature with a few of the influencer-girls, and I wasn’t going to say no – DUH! With the date and time fixed, I woke up on shoot day and made my way to Mazda Studio. Full disclosure; the moment she told me it was at Mazda, I could only think of one person that was 100% going to be the photo maker that day – Mister —none other than— Taras Taraporvala. And sure-as-shit, what do you know? Hah! It’s his favorite studio to shoot, methinks! (I’ve shot with him before. Same place, if you must know.) BOOM!

So, I get there around 11:00AM, and a few of the girls have been there since 8:30AM —talk about the early bird getting the worm— all fresh as daisies! While I wait my turn for HMU, in walk in some more ladies, and then I find out that thirteen girls are a part of this feature – Woaahhh Nelly! Anyway, its go-time and I’m almost ready to stand there and get the photos started, and theres a bunch of us in one frame and none of us know what to do with each other – it was like “dude, whats our boundaries? Like, can we cuddle and be all huddled-up, benetton-like for this, —because this was the first time we were working together in a frame— or is that pushing it just a tad bit? Anyway, we finally “hugged”! Haha! (It was a fun day!)
While Zunaili and Taras tried to figure out the head-count and dynamics of female(s) per frame, I kept standing on the white background and Taras kept taking in-between shots of me and I think we came up with two-three great shots that I wanted to share because I loved them so! PFA? Hahaha!

Also, here’s a little about Taras (The sexy-lady-photographer) Taraporvala

1. What is your best shooting/work memory? 
Shooting at sunset in Nusa Penida, an island off Bali where we got to shoot and swim in a billabong was pretty special.


The billabong was an hours trek after a two hour car journey and the light that afternoon was something I haven’t experienced since.

2. Natural light or studio lights? Why?
I would say they both have their benefits, but at the end of the day, in the studio we are trying to recreate sunlight and so there is nothing to quite match natural light when conditions are favourable.

3. If there was any other genre(s) you could take photos of, what would it be? 
Contrary to my Instagram account, I shoot a little bit of food, product and spaces as well. If I had to pick a genre, it would be travel photography.

4. What are you most passionate about when it comes something other than your profession?
1. Football 2. Food 3. Yoga 4. PlayStation

5. Your signature shooting style?
I would describe my shooting style as personal and clean.

6. Whats the one element you like shooting with? 
Good music? It really sets the mood and tone for the images that we create.

7. What was your first job ever? How did Photography happen?
My first job was in client service for an advertising agency in Bangalore. One of our clients had a shoot in Bombay for which I was in charge of transporting the product to and from the shoot. Prasad Naik was shooting at Mazda studio and watching him over two days were enough to kindle some sort of curiosity that made me make a career decision six months down the line

8. What comes to mind when I say:

  • Football : Manchester United
  • Tom Yum Soup : Yum
  • Puppies : Hush
  • 50mm fixed Lense : Documentary
  • Thermocol: Aftab, my assistant
  • Baby light: A younger, smaller light
  • Kayaan Contractor: Cute Parsi girl  

Photographs: Taras Taraporvala (in- between shots, Cosmopolitan India shoot.
Styled by Zunaili Malik
HMU: Cassandra Kehren